Welcome to the Day third Djuwita Olympic 2014 Handball competitions. 
On the day, we had Senior 2 students versus Junior 3 female students. 
Around 15 minutes, these 2 groups tried to beat opponent team and brought home one ticket match for the next round. 
In the last session, Senior 2 students came out as victorious with score on board 11:5.

Estimated One hour later, Senior 3 students matched with Junior 2 students.
With all their muscle strength, All members in these 2 groups tried to scratch new scores.
No one injured that time. Thanks God.
The competition is ended with final scores 6:3. 

A team with victory crown that evening..Senior 3.

One Futsal game later, Junior 3 students entered the field along with Junior 1 students. 
It was terrific games and the participants enjoyed the match as it's best. 
Few sweat drop later, The Game is closed with Junior 3 students claimed the champion title. 
Final score on that evening, 5:6


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