Kindergarten Sekolah Djuwita Medan

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For young childs, Playing with toys or with friends are important part of their brain development. In our preschool and kindergarten we learn and play safely.

Those activities enhances their social skill,enriches their vocabulary. and makes them feel happier.

In Sekolah Djuwita Medan we managed those good stuff and we keep our children around qualified educators who are more than caring the children physically but also mentally.

We have colorful class with toys,qualified teachers ,safety cameras and secured environment.
We have outdoor activities and events we usually held in famous local mall in town once a year. We teach basic education include how to speak and write English, dance, cooking , swimming, planting and many more.

in Sekolah Djuwita Medan, What we give to the children is teaching with practice and fun. we teach them basic stuff include dancing, swimming, cooking, planting, math, Draw, and many more. in short,we preparared them for the higher class (elementary level )too

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