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Early November of this year, we visited TPH Sei Temiang and Hidrophonik Farm of Low Pesticide Center. It is located approximately five minutes off of the west side of TPH. 

The day was considered a study tour day, or as others called it " an audio visual class." Class 7 Sekolah Djuwita Batam students were able to interview, take photos, and report on what they saw and learned that day. We learned together on TPH about how farmers were able to manage his tractor and land. We were also able to visit cow breeding sites for a short moment.

Not far from TPH, we had the opportunity to visit a hydrophonic farming center. Here, we learned how modern farmers lived their every day life as well as their duties and responsibilities. Their land was not considered large, but they managed to produce enough healthy vegetables to sell in the supermarkets. 

It was also amazing that they were able to do all this without the use of pesticides. All the vegetables were edible right on the spot because it was free from chemicals.

Look down below to see some pictures of our activities.

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