English Language Exchange Program

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We have four English guest speakers from California involved in the English language exchange program. The guest speakers are: Royce Wang, Theodore Lin, Teresa Vong, and Crystal Hwang.

These four guests interacted with Sekolah Djuwita students. Yudha Adiputera, had an English session with the student organization board, discussing topics such as: managing, graduation night, and fund raising. Royce, who is a US Navy, talked in front of secondary students.

He gave a speech about his life, his US Navy career, and how he obtained his job there. Next, we have Theodore Lin from Cal Poly Pomona. During his presentation, he talked in front of several high school students. Following his presentation was Theres Vong, a graduate from the University of California. Crystal Hwang, a graduate from University of California Riverside, had an English session with elementary students. She gave a great speech and also had a fun session with them.

Part 1

Part 2


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