As promised earlier on this website, here is the release of several videos taken during the Djuwita Show held at Megamall on February 2013. The first video is our welcome video consisting of several photos and clips taken during the show. After you have seen our welcome video, we will lead you to different links guiding you through several videos of stage performances (singing, dancing, and the fashion show) from Djuwita preschool and kindergarten students.

Related links: Djuwita Preschool Students Fashion show 1
Djuwita Preschool Students Fashion show 2
Djuwita Preschool Students sing the Papaya Song
Djuwita Preschool Students Sing Itsy bitsy Spider, My bonnie lies over the ocean.
Djuwita Preschool Students Dance "Sing together"
3 Dances from Djuwita Kindergarten Students
The Goldilock Opera Performed by Djuwita Kindergarten Students
2 Musical Performances from Elementary and High School Students

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