Djuwita editorial attends Sekolah Djuwita Pekanbaru on 23 November 2012. The event started around 10 A.M. and students from elementary to senior high level takes part in science presentations. Elementary students opened the science show. They called the first experiment "Mini Rocket Experiment." In this science presentation they used a little empty bottle filled with sodium bicarbonate and vinegar as well.

In the 2nd experiment, simpler ingredients were used but the tools were more complicated than that of the first experiment. They called their experiment "The Rocket Water Pump"
For the 3rd experiment, Sekolah Djuwita Students presented a chemical reaction of Mint candies (Mentos) and Coca Cola ("Coke") to make a mini fountain.Compared to the first and second experiment, the 3rd experiment was lot simpler because they only needed to put 2 mint candies inside a bottle of coke and it was finished.

Here we have 2 videos featuring the 2nd and 3rd experiment:

The 4th experiment involved many elementary level students, a volcano model, and different liquids. The 4th experiment is called "Mini Volcano Explosion". The the mini volcano model was created before the presentation. To make the little volcano perform an explosive show, they used a chemical reaction of warm water, liquid detergent, baking soda and vinegar.

The 5th experiment was about creating a gas balloon that is fueled by chemical reactions from coke and baking powder (blue balloon), coke and salt (green balloon),and coke and baking soda (red balloon).
 Which balloon will grow bigger? The result is available on the following video.

The 6th experiment is pretty much about art work, they called it "LAVA Lamp." Senior level students performed the science presentation. They used water, oil, Redoxon, and a flashlight to make the show even more dramatic.

The 7th experiment came from these questions: "What happens when we put cold water over hot water and hot water above cold water?" "Will the reaction be different?" "Does gravity take role in the matter ?"

 Here are the answers. The blue water bottle contains cold water and the red water bottle contains hot water.


  1. Science competitions were always my favorite parts of the school year. You have fun and great time and get to learn bunch of new stuff. Thumbs up!

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  3. Very good science activities by the student. Thanks to that school who took such a step for bloom the merit of the student.

  4. These are really good posts I can find so far about the simple experiments that you perform during your school days. Thanks for this buddy. Really helped me!!

  5. Quite interesting science activities. I liked the ideas that the projects was done. I appreciate Sekolah Djuwita Pekanbaru for arranging this kind activities which will increase students science knowledge.

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