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  • Premier Edition

    Djuwita Magazine First Edition features Cooking activies from under elementary level students Djuwita School, Djuwita Pekanbaru Science Day, and Djuwita Batam Kindergarten Class activities

  • Second Edition

    Our Second release contains 2 Presentations from Yudha and Yudith, 2 guest Speakers from University California USA.Here, we also have a Drama Beauty in the beast from Djuwita Pekanbaru Students

  • Third Edition

    The Third Editions compose Djuwita Pekanbaru Students "Business Day" video tape. Inside the video, Djuwita Pekanbaru students show their Entrepreneurial skill infront of peoples

  • Fourth Edition

    Our 4th editions reported stage performances from our Djuwita Batam Students in Batam megamall. The Djuwita Show itself was held in February 2013

  • Fifth Edition

    Djuwita Magazine 5th editions continues Djuwita Shows Batam Megamall 2013 with an additional Video taping from Djuwita Pekanbaru Student around Valentine month.

  • Six Edition

    Djuwita Magazine 6th Edition went to Medan to shoot Djuwita Medan Show.The Djuwita show itself compose stage performance from Preschool Djuwita Medan students to senior high students.Beside that video, we also have Djuwita Batam Kartini Day video reports.

  • Seven Edition

    Our 7th Edition continued Djuwita Medan Show and 2 Reports or lists contains names of Brightest Djuwita Batam and Pekanbaru's Students 2012/2013

  • Eight Edition

    Djuwita Magazine 8th editions compose 2 presentations video from Police officers discussed about the danger of Drugs abuse and How to riding safely on the street .

  • Video Channel

    Click and we will lead you to our Djuwita Magazine Video Channel. There are many Djuwita Students videos you can enjoy on the Channel

You will find Djuwita Magazine complete content's list once you click this image.See you there


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